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Welcome to my stories

Writings around the emotion, thought and intent behind selected pieces.

All Thats Left web.jpg

All That's Left



You took my love. 


Please leave my smile.

Rockstar SMALL.jpg


I am a hypnotist... seducing ears with songs of love, songs of passion.


I am irresistable... twinkling eyes over the top of bad-boy smiles.


I am untoucable... reaching hands over red carpet trails.


I am a god... a royal in lands where there are no Kings.


I am Rockstar....

Caught in Our Own RibbonWEBNOSIG.jpg

Caught in
My Own Ribbon

Teased by restraints that do not bind... 

Measured only by memories that have made me blind...

 Spoken words meant to cloud and confuse my mind...

I am tangled in my journey — a destination I cannot find...

Seduction of Sadness

Sadness danced through our streets today. 


It caressed our unwitting faces and petted the tops of our hands...

A flirtation. A invitation.



Sadness flooded our ears with its divine melody today.


It pressed cocktails of sorrow against our lips...
Intoxicating are songs from an angel's broken heart.



Sadness asked me to dance today. 


Its hips swayed against mine, warm breath licking my neck...
Chills on my skin.


Sadness stole a tear from me today.

It offered me songs of prosperity, songs of abundance...

Forever I must cry.

Seduction of Sadness.jpg
Democracy WEB res.jpg


Why have we torn away our optimism, torn away our dreams? 

Left are the strips that bind us...
The strips that blind us.

Why has our climb become our suspension?

Hanging our humiliation in the world’s square...Dangling our vulnerabilities in the world’s air.

Why has our prosperity become our poverty?

Promised to be a home for our endless potential... Blinded and bound by the influential...

Last Fish

...ironic the last fish is a clown fish...

The Last FishSMALL.jpg
Everyday I wear Black Web.jpg

Everyday I Wear Black

The black woman experience, How I see it:  

Our society likes to chose its losers—Those we slight those who we fight. 

Our society likes the grip of white hands around black wrists. Those we dominate—Those we eliminate.

Our society defines our desires based on a few—Those who take our power—Those whose hearts are sour.

Oleander Tea WEB no sig.jpg

Oleander Tea

Love is a dangerous brew.

It poisons hearts and creates relativisms 

steeped in dark corners few explore.

Decision Button

Decisions, big or small, are dictated by a sequence of events that live in a city that spans our lifetime. This city is our living catalog, a chronicle of our interactions, memories, daily operations, influences, emotional currents and previous decisions... all of it.

Indecision is like a cool lava pouring over our streets and paths. It's glow is blinding, showing us only whats prescribed and its unease is submerged in solitary observation that can not be held or touched or soothed. Our minds point us in every direction looking for our way forward, that off ramp or side street.

Decision is a moment of purity that reveals itself when it is time and when we are ready. This is that moment we reach forward, take in a deep breath and...

Weightless Amongst Frienemies 23 SOCIAL.jpg

Weightless Amongst
Loves Frienemies

Down here there is not footing

Down here I descend 

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