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Oleander Tea

Those we love... Dreams we weave .... Brews we steep...

These relativisms can poison our hearts and take us 

to dark corners few of explore.


I am a hypnotist... seducing ears with songs of love, songs of passion.


I am irresistable... twinkling eyes over the top of bad-boy smiles.


I am untoucable... reaching hands over red carpet trails.


I am a god... a royal in lands where there are no Kings.


I am Rockstar....

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What’s happening to Democracy?
Why have we torn away our optimism torn away our dreams? 


Left are the strips that bind us... the strips that blind us.



What’s happening to Democracy?
Why has our climb become our suspension?


Hanging our humiliation in the world’s square...

our vunerability in the world’s lair.



What’s happening to Democracy?
Where’s the land for the fallen? Do they ascend or simply end?


Echos fill our ears with tails past... about a Democracy

that could not last....